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No critique group? No problem!

If you need someone to look over your writing, the experienced authors at Ironed Words Productions can help you!

Submit up to 50,000 words for feedback from a critique group of published authors. Perfect for essays, chapters, short stories, novelettes and novellas. 

Get detailed comments about structure and organization, characters, scene development, mechanics, and overall feel.

All genres welcome!

Rates start at $30 for feedback on 10,000 words from three reviewers.

To ensure a good match, clients will be provided a request form before proceeding. 

IWP reserves the right to refuse works that endorse sex with minors, hatred toward any groups, or other inappropriate content.

Get in touch today! We can help you forge and iron your words.

Panel of Authors

Your reviewers will come from this list:

J.V. Hilliard (Epic Fantasy)

 Ann K. Howley (YA, memoir)

Sarah McKnight (YA, NA, horror and suspense)

Lexi Kingston (Romance)

Christian Shane (Children's and YA)

Cori Wamsley (Non-fiction and women's fiction)

Maria Simbra (memoir and news, romance)

Fee schedule for 

Alpha/Beta Notes: Novellas & Shorts 

(Three reviewers)

One -- 10,000 words $30

10,001 -- 20,000 words $45

20,001 -- 30,000 words $60

30,001 -- 40,000 words $75

40,001 -- 50,000 words $90



Feedback for Storytellers

Do you have a short, first-person, true life anecdote inside of you just waiting to come out?

 Would you like to practice it out loud to hear how the words sound and how the story feels?

If you would like someone to hear your story, the experienced storytellers at Ironed Words Productions can help you! 

Prepare a five minute story for feedback from a panel of three seasoned storytellers at The Conference for Storytellers.

Registration is $50 for the half-day conference, including words of wisdom on the art of storytelling, a delicious boxed lunch, time to craft your tale, and feedback on a five-minute story from three reviewers. 

Get detailed comments about structure and organization, scene development, pacing, stage presence and delivery, and overall feel. 

Practice in a safe space with other passionate storytellers before venturing on stage.

Get in touch today! We can help you forge and iron your words.

Panel of Storytellers

Members of this list of seasoned storytellers will serve

as panelists at the Rehearse Your Story events

Samantha Ainsworth

Joel Brady

Stephen Cooper

Sarah Rose

 Todd Shaffer

Maria Simbra

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